PANDARIX Software Solutions – State-of-the-Art Ticketing System for Events and Venues

Events and Venues software provider PANDARIX delivers a complete Ticketing system that increases sales opportunities and is cleverly designed as an integral part of a total solution.

PANDARIX, a leading software provider with 15 years Event and Venues industry experience, delivers a comprehensive Ticketing system for clients to optimise their marketing and sales creating a total customer-centric experience.

A key industry solution provider, PANDARIX counts some of the biggest names in the industry as clients – FIFA, Silverstone, Royal Ascot, and the Dubai World Trade Centre – are just a few. The experience gained by our team has led to a solution delivery process based on industry best practices assimilated with client needs.

“PANDARIX was developed with ‘real-world’ client needs at the forefront, delivering an impact that really improved our clients’ businesses. At PANDARIX we understand your market and exactly what effort you need to put into your business to reap the ROI from a comprehensive, user-friendly, and most importantly, leveragable system,” quoting Deen Ossman, Chief Solutions Officer.

The result of PANDARIX’s focused development is a Ticketing System that delivers what Event and Venue managers have requested: customer-centricity, accountability, fair and balanced costings as well as the ROI. Developed to not just support, but enhance our client’s offerings, the Ticketing System offers the following benefits:

  • Box Office - a simple and easy-to-use system for walk-in customers. This supports tablets and mobile apps as well,
  • Guest registration via tablet, mobile app and traditional methods,
  • Attendance tracking – all customer information is seamlessly updated into the CRM system,
  • Web-shop, take control and generate revenue with your own branded and personalised web-shop – sell tickets and create your enriched customer experience
  • Multiple packages – choose how you want to sell access to your event or venue, ranging from individual tickets to hospitality packages
  • Corporate sales – manage your corporate/VIP customers easily
  • Unlimited transactions – hosted in-house or in a cloud based SaaS solution.

The Pandarix software ticketing solution is ideally suited to either large and small events or venues. To arrange a personalised briefing during which the many features and functions specific to your needs can be demonstrated contact Additional information can also be found at and follow your industry specific information thread.

Pandarix Software Solutions is a global company with regional offices established to deliver sales and services wherever you are!

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