Pandarix Software Solutions – A Refreshingly NEW approach to Event Management Software

hotel-575085_1920PANDARIX Software Solutions today announced its presence to the Event Industry. PANDARIX is the only event software to fully incorporate a ticketing solution to a full system event management capability. The PANDARIX solution will provide venue and event managers the total visibility, data accuracy, finger-tip control and systems integration lacking in other solutions offered for a comparable price point.

PANDARIX software solutions has developed a comprehensive and expansive system for events and venues spanning Ticketing, Booking, Event management, Catering, Floor Plans, Web integration, Reporting as well as a CRM that allows users and managers total control over all operations. PANDARIX has also developed and deployed APIs for third party integration that includes financial packages.

Deen Ossman, Chief Solutions Officer quoting: “These are the fundamentals of any event business and are core to the solution that we have built. We have put processes in place to ensure that they stay at the centre of the system. For example, all actions are carried out in real-time to ensure that they are immediately updated and available to users within the system.”

Real-time actions are just one of the key features of PANDARIX. Many others were developed to ensure that the business is always working optimally at cost points that are affordable:

  • Based on Microsoft compatibility
  • Fully audit capable
  • Both venue and resource booking capability
  • Multiple event management oversight
  • Real-time dashboards
  • No additional specialist reporting software required
  • Web integration
  • APIs available

The PANDARIX software solution is ideally suited to either large and small events or venues. To arrange a personalised briefing during which the many features and functions specific to your needs can be demonstrated contact Additional information can also be found at and follow your industry specific information thread.

PANDARIX Software Solutions is a global company with regional offices established to deliver sales and services wherever you are!

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