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Is this really useful data for Event Management?

#Information systems are an important part of everyone’s life in the Events Industry. However, if we can’t retrieve the data in any meaningful way be it in printed word text or graphically through charts etcetera then the data serves no real purpose. Why! Because we can’t turn this data into information, we can’t understand what we have captured and leverage this to our benefit and the benefit of the business.

Where does all this event data reside

Typically a venue or an event has multiple locations where this data can reside. Our experience when working alongside venue and event managers has been at least a minimum of 3 to 4 systems and not surprisingly none of them are capable of communicating key data elements. In many instances, it simply means a rekeying exercise. What is needed is access to data that can and will direct your business in the right direction.

And what of that expensive event resource

No, we are not necessarily talking of equipment, we are referring to your valued staff members. An integrated venue and event management system won’t necessarily mean you have to have deep pockets and take months to install. The right choice will translate into:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Aligned business strategies
  • Enables acceptable levels of control and risk management
  • Optimises the skills and capabilities that exist within your organisation, and
  • Promotes collaboration across the extended enterprise

Hopefully you can see the many benefits of data in the right place, accessible across the enterprise and simply leveraging off those great staff that you already have will bring huge benefits.

Making that Right Choice for your Venue & Event Management

So making that right choice is important. Taking the time to look for the answer is sometimes very difficult because your time is valuable, Hey! Everyone’s time is important. To help you out though #Pandarix Software can arrange a 90 minute briefing to let you in on what a modern event and venue management product can do.

#Register on our website to receive a follow up call to make that important meeting and discuss what needs are to be met to drive your business into the future of events management.

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