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When it comes to events and venue management the business needs vary in approach and delivery of the service you deliver to your respective user community. So what a majority of event businesses are now pursuing is implementing agile, easy to use, learn and maintain out of the box software that addresses the greater needs of their users and community. To gain the maximum benefit any solution must also integrate with existing financial and document management products already in use by-passing any need for the re-keying of data.


Refreshingly there are event and venue management products on the market that are not attempting to be everything for an entire industry. Our industry is so diverse; it would be impossible to cram so much functionality into a single box it would require a few Sumo wrestlers to sit on the lid to have any chance of closing it!

Because the needs and demands of the industry today are changing rapidly it is not making any sense to invest in some of the monolithic systems that are considered legacy systems today. These systems have been around for years and are typically modular and pretend to address every sector of our market if you believe that have ‘tweeks’ to tune these systems to your needs. These systems are also far from the ‘best industry’ practice they espouse to be. During networking sessions with users of these systems at industry sponsored nights, it is not uncommon to hear that these systems fall short in this area.

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The vendors typically appearing to speak from the high ground because they claim a community of international users. Though in practice the features and offering is usually restricted by the capability and ‘time-to-market’ that the vendor can manage. Because of the amount of code underpinning such products, these systems can’t possibly be agile enough to deliver to a vibrant and hungry marketplace that is constantly on the move. So ‘best industry’ practice is just lip service to attempt to stay in the game. If you have been around long enough a very famous three letter computer hardware company used to use this marketing ploy quite frequently. In the end they too could not keep up with market demands and the change of pace.

Love to hear from you if you think we can help !  

Listening to discussions within the end user community today and you soon realise that in a few short years the pace and expectations associated with delivering on event outcomes has been dramatically accelerated. Time invested in learning a product is not seen as overly productive time.


Indeed these legacy systems require a fulltime Administrator to act as the internal champion – though this is never told to the client. Building a system with a small project team is no longer an option – this is not your day job!

There are many other benefits to be derived from an association with Pandarix and we would enjoy a conversation, to discuss in far more detail your requirements and business needs. Pandarix also has a very dedicated support services team.

A great product a great services team – an excellent combination as a business partner!

Love to hear from you if you think we can help ! 

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