PANDARIX Software Solutions – Delivering interactive, customisable event and venue layouts

asdadPANDARIX, business optimisation software for Events, Venues and Global Sponsorship allows clients to design their event or venues with customisable layouts.
Event organisers and venue managers can choose how they want to lay out and utilise their space for any event with PANDARIX. Using our software, users can design and sell from an interactive seating chart, automatically assign to a table plan or even a car or bus park layout.

PANDARIX has been developed to manage multipurpose venues and multi-day events. Supporting Turf Clubs, Motorsports Circuits, Multipurpose Stadiums and Arenas, Conference and Banqueting venues, Dinner Cruises and Hospitality Provider – one solution – PANDARIX is designed to provide all the functionalities needed to run these businesses efficiently whilst streamlining the processes.

0002With PANDARIX multiple configurations for each venue space can be created with the images also able to be uploaded. In addition each of the configurations can be adjusted. For example a concert hall will be expected to be filled to complete capacity during a music show, and the seats will have various monetary value attached to them depending on the location. But when the space is used for a conference the seats may all have the same value and they may only use a fraction of the entire space. PANDARIX allows users to make decisions based on practicality and profitability.

“You can imagine just how useful this is,” Chief Solution Officer Deen Ossman, “using our software, clients can visualise what the end result is going to be. If they move a table from one spot to another, if they add one or even remove one, they immediately know what the implications are going to be regarding space and revenue. Clients also use this feature to decide upon advertisement positioning.”

carPark-1PANDARIX is also useful for the purpose of booking ‘packages’. If a package includes a seat in a designated area and a car park space is also required, both can be specifically chosen using PANDARIX. This gives your team member the ability to see availability and even discuss the placement with the customer. These are just some of the many features and functions available within the PANDARIX software solution. PANDARIX is a truly customisable solution designed for your business needs.

The PANDARIX software ticketing solution is ideally suited to either large and small events or venues. To arrange a personalised briefing during which the many features and functions specific to your needs can be demonstrated contact Additional information can also be found at and follow your industry specific information thread.

PANDARIX Software Solutions is a global company with regional offices established to deliver sales and services wherever you are!

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