A good CRM software system is one that is properly planned and implemented and can make any user’s job easier and less time consuming.

So, what are these gems?

A Clean and Simple User Interface that allows the user to navigate easily and not be overwhelmed therefore it needs to be uncluttered and intuitive.

Workflow is crucial so a straightforward, easy to understand workflow in CRM is what makes the system, in terms of day-to-day use.

Tasks like creating a new lead, generating a report, importing data from a spreadsheet,should be clear and understandable and the screen-by-screen process of performing that task should be easy to follow.

Requirement to complete these tasks should have a minimum amount of steps.

A Solid Integration of third party applications and services is a big challenge for both CRM users and vendors. Being able to rely on that integration and the data flow will make work considerably easier

All Inclusive reporting that can be created, used and modified is to the specifications of the user. Reporting is also the one area where a wealth of options and accessibility to data makes all the difference.

Building a report should be a straightforward affair. A good CRM solution allows users to build whatever they need, easily and without fuss, and then tweak and adjust it just as simply.


All these components should work well by themselves but as a whole the process should be seamless and flow well to give you a treasure trove ,that we call CRM.

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