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The Pandarix team is being invited more frequently into system upgrade discussions spanning 6 continents. Typically, these discussions are initiated by the prospect following their discovery process as a result of aging, cumbersome and complex systems being in place for too long.



Leveraging our knowledge and Event Industry experience we have always managed to go beyond the typical features, functions, benefits pitch and get down to the core issues of client needs that are indeed far deeper than most products sold into the events and venue management business.

For some 15 years Pandarix has been a quiet achiever, being invited to engage in some of the world’s most prestigious events and, whilst still within the sphere of “world-class venue and events’, is able to deliver to the single user a very powerful, simple and complete product plus service at a very affordable cost.

In our discussions with numerous Councils spanning Australia and New Zealand our discussions have spanned a very common theme with all Councils we have managed to appear in front of, seeking a common outcome from vendors they had previously approached. Unfortunately, when the incumbent or invited vendor does appear they seek only to conduct the same features, functions and benefits presentations without really either understanding or addressing the core need.

Many of the Councils we either approach or are invited to brief, have five primary and two secondary issues or combinations of these same issues requiring attention. Wanting to take advantage of vendors claims to have a ‘ready’ solution:

  • to replace multiple systems comprising the legacy systems,
  • export financial data to be rekeyed into the central financial system,
  • shave multiple hours a week off of your busy work schedule

Councils have historically found to their major inconvenience that such claims and many products fall short. Due to the complexity of some of these system offerings, costing estimates over a reasonable period of time as well as utilisation and efficiency gain considerations, coupled with those needs we keep referring too. Councils have reverted to SWAT teams to make the strategic decisions.

Sometimes these SWAT teams return a no decision, or having made the recommendation, extended periods of time seem to elapse before any final decision to sign is made. In some instances, staff have already moved on, or left the Department. This scenario is not uncommon. Ultimately there is a cost to the Council when this occurs – and it is never accounted for.

Engaging an experienced and knowledgeable team such as those at Pandarix to discuss and brief the various event and venue management teams, followed by a full SWAT briefing discussing in detail those five primary and two secondary issues a good majority of Councils face is a good first step.

Pandarix offers API integration with Financial, CRM and Document management systems existing with the Council IT environment. They offer procedures and workflows that can be adjusted and locked-down to suit your needs. Multiple security levels, authorisation levels and fully audit capable. Website integration, full ticketing options and naturally a support level that can be tuned to your needs.

To discuss these topics and discuss in detail the five primary and two secondary core issues most Councils are currently seeking to address look us up in and seek a follow up call or briefing.

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