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Pandarix Systems has been in business and servicing the event and venue management industry for these past 15 years. In total, the team members experience spans well over a century. To have had the system used for some very significant global events in the past and currently looking too and delivering on new projects has ensured our systems development has kept pace with what is required by a demanding industry.

Pronounced ‘panda-rix’, meaning Panda King, is a fully integrated event/venue management system built with a very modern intuitive interface, embracing the notion of minimal steps and ‘clicks’ to fulfill basic processes. This is a software solution for a minimalist team through to a significant number of users.

Pandarix Bite Size Strategy

Deployment experiences typically span just days compared to some other vendors. The Pandarix model takes into account that the system is to provide a solution and not become your hobby.  Typical implementation follows a pattern of ‘Bite-size’ strategy – meaning only a couple of hours a day are required in training and deployment leaving you to do you daily job tasks. This approach ensures the system is implemented and configured properly whist you are still responsive to your daily tasks.

Pandarix is a software solution for the entire team including: your marketing and sales teams, box office staff, operations teams, both internal and external catering management as well as the management and financial teams. It has taken many years to design and develop the Pandarix solution with clients now currently reaping the benefits and seeing real returns on their investment.

apiYour needs within the entire team are covered. Pandarix also reduces any rekeying of data by your financial team through our API interfacing directly to your current financial system – whether Council or in-house.

ticketingSystemPandarix is unique in the act that we have a fully integrated and industry proven ticketing system. For venues looking for a complete solution consideration should be given to looking at Pandarix for an almost A to Z solution.

And finally, to back all of this up we have and experienced services team, with years of experience ready to deliver a solution tailored to your business. Their services include training and implementation, data migration and interface API rollout.

If you are looking for a replacement system or just starting out on the path for a system to manage your event business Pandarix will have a solution that both fits the functional requirements as well as the budget. To learn more, contact Pandarix at for complete details of how to arrange a commitment free solution briefing.

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