Positive Feedback on Event Management & Venue Booking Software Solution

Based on Pandarix Event Management & Venue Booking Software Solution installs and product briefing this year, we have picked up some very interesting points below from client feedback. This is a snap shot of the client feedback on Event Management & Venue Booking Software Solution; please let us know your thoughts on this as we may have missed some key points that are of particular interest to you.

Hope this helps with your decision making process.

Feedback on Pandarix Performance Vs Event Management & Venue Booking Software Solution Competitors

  1. icon_blazing-fasterBookings are 5 times faster! Shows clearly for reasonably complicated bookings normally take 25 min with competition, Pandarix simple steps reduces it right down to 5 min
  2. Documents are all under one system as opposed to being outside and scattered in multiple directories – so there is audit trail and security with Pandarix!
  3. cloud_2015Documents are stored centrally and can be accessed from anywhere e.g. from the Pandarix customer and booking screens and have version numbers.
  4. Event Checklist can be set up for all items including Resources – so much more flexible
  5. integration-why2Finance is made easier as clients can have their own payment terms and fully integrates with 3rd party systems
  6. Function / Work orders are generated automatically as opposed to being simple note pads and work can be allocated to teams and groups
  7. Out of box reports like catering reports & enquiry to sales conversion reports  that competition seem to not have KPIREporr
  8. Reports & dashboards can be generated real time on spreadsheets with graphs at a touch of a button
  9. Love the capabilities around marketing campaigns that once again competition seem not to have
  10. trainingTraining is not more than 2.5 hr sessions as opposed to 6 to 8 hr sessions. This seems to be a BIG plus as clients can then manage the change process that much simpler and deal with their day to day job too
  11. Data Migration path is simple and easy based on client IT team responses
  12. Handling ‘Go Live Phase’ is a very BIG plus point too it seems in the Pandarix Service provision approach. Clients have commented they have much more comfort with the Pandarix Team.

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