Pandarix Software Event & Venue Management Believe – Create – Execute


At #Pandarix Software our business culture is Believe – Create – Execute. The Pandarix Software solution is a system that can be quickly installed, is easy to learn and importantly has been developed to address your event and venue management issues. The Pandarix solution ensures the venue and event managers have total visibility, data accuracy, finger-tip control and the systems integration points lacking in other solutions offered for a comparable price point.

Pandarix software solutions has developed a comprehensive and expansive system for events and venues spanning #Ticketing, #Booking, #Event Management, #Catering, #Floor Plans, #WebIntegration, #Reporting as well as a #CRM providing users and managers total control over all operations. Pandarix has also developed and deployed APIs for third party integration that includes financial packages.

The Pandarix software solution is ideally suited to either large and small events or venues -versatile, easy to install, no great learning curve, it ticks all the boxes. Additional information can also be found at and follow your industry specific information thread.

If you are looking for a replacement system or just starting out on the path for a system to manage your event business Pandarix will have a solution that both fits the functional requirements as well as the budget.

To learn more, visit or #contact Pandarix on +61 0 7310 23218 for complete details and to arrange a commitment free solution #briefing click here.

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