PANDARIX Unveils its secret – how you can generate maximum revenue

Layout-Temple-Recovered_1Event and Venue business managers are seeking consolidation and optimisation of their software investments and are looking to their current providers to whom they have been loyal to assist them in this process. Unfortunately many current providers cannot deliver world class integrated solutions that are affordable. PANDARIX however is an exception, offering a solution that is not only written as an integrated system but can also interface with essential third party software such as financial systems that must remain.

PANDARIX, an industry leading software provider for events and venues, reveals how clients are guaranteed to generate more revenue by leveraging the many features and functions within PANDARIX system solution. Delivering a fully integrated ticketing, CRM, booking, event and venue management system, PANDARIX provides all the requirements that an event or venue needs to run optimally.

“PANDARIX is developed with one primary purpose in mind: to ensure our clients are successful with their efforts,” Deen Ossman, Chief Solutions Officer. “Our solution has built in processes to ensure that clients have the upper hand in the industry and are able to generate profits. It’s all about seizing opportunities that you may not realise are there if you don’t have current software technologies in place to leverage.”

bookkeeping-615384_1280PANDARIX, captures all relevant data whilst presenting it to your team through either reports, live dashboards, or simply drilling down, no special reporting tools are required. This ensures your team has the information to make either individual or collaborative decisions in real-time. Due to the screen presentation format, efficiencies are also gained because the information is collectively gathered under tabs and on relevant screens that are intuitive meaning your team isn’t opening screens or different modules to get at the data.

PANDARIX provides the levers to pull and push to assist your business generate maximum revenue by providing features such as:

  • Multiple Sales Channels – expand your business by reaching to different segments of clientele,
  • Ticketing – a flexible ticketing system that allows users to create packages for sale.
  • Bookings – an integrated venue and resource diary
  • Treat every event or venue as a separate cost centre.
  • Reporting – Real-time reports allow staff to make decisions based on the latest information
  • CRM – record customer details to build up relationships and use in direct marketing

The PANDARIX software ticketing solution is ideally suited to either large and small events or venues. To arrange a personalised briefing during which the many features and functions specific to your needs can be demonstrated contact Additional information can also be found at and follow your industry specific information thread.

PANDARIX Software Solutions is a global company with regional offices established to deliver sales and services wherever you are!

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