The Value in a Business Approach

startup-594091_1280This past week it has been refreshing to have been in a position where the sales discussions went well beyond the limits of most sales people involved in selling software to the events industry. Unsurprisingly this occurred during multiple meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore. I think the great take-out from this is that the event and venue managers are really looking for a ‘partner’ that is able to start by talking on an equal footing but then move beyond to really demonstrating their experience and knowledge.

With not one meeting running under 2 hours, most in fact were 3 hours, these meeting went well beyond features and functions of the software. When you listen to the person on the otherside of the table, they are frustrated with software vendor meetings just being a show and tell of, essentially, the very same stuff the last salesperson presented. No differentiation. Prospects get a very pleasant surprise when you are able to address their true ROI in yield management and utilization statistics. When you are to drill on the prospects business needs based upon the issues they articulate and then clearly demonstrate the solution with minimal effort.

The team from Pandarix was able to do this repeatedly last week when they travelled the eastern states of Australia and then again in Singapore at the conclusion of two weeks of business meetings. With over 15 years of experience delivering solutions to acquire the firsthand experience that supports this knowledge and experience, the Pandarix team is a refreshingly different body of people. With clients all over the globe Pandarix delivers a universal solution equally at home in Sydney as it is London or Abu Dhabi. Move across to the Pandarix website for more of an insight into the solutions they provide.

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