Fans are far  more demanding these days. They go to live events to be connected with the action, connected to the stars and connected to other fans.

They want to be part of something bigger ,something bigger themselves.

The future is now and technology is what drives fans.

Today’s fan takes for granted HD cameras, multiple led screens, mobile devices, surround sound , all the comforts of home to enable the viewing  experience they want. Stadiums need to compete with this experience and improve on it.

Fans expect media rich experiences that they can access via their mobile handsets. Such as  video streaming of games which allows the fan to be immersed in the action. They  need to be connected via their phones using Wi-Fi connectivity to applications such, news, photo sharing and social networks.  Sharing their experiences and interacting with their friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Fans are most passionate by the game or concert. So kindle that passion whilst giving them all the comfort creatures they have at home and surpass their expectations with a superior in- stadium experience.

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