Event Management System – Integrating with existing Council System Requirements

PandarixIntegratingWithExistingCouncilSystemRequirements_aAs your business has evolved over the many years, it would not be uncommon to learn that within your venue multiple systems exist to perform a myriad of tasks. Among the very needs though of your venue is an ability to exchange data with a Council system that is typically a financial system. With some vendor products this task often includes the necessity to rekey data in the finance department.

rekeyThis is an obvious place for rekeying errors to occur, for cost/ time/ efficiencies to be gained and higher staff productivity gains to be made. Pandarix offers the experience of their 15 years servicing the Performing Arts industry along with industry API’s to allow your venue to exchange data in both directions with your finance department. Many of our existing clients currently take advantage of this now.

Currently a number of Councils in Australia have or are in the process of installing Pandarix. The search for a replacement or new system has gathered pace as the end of Events Perfect support draws near. Pandarix is ideally suited to address the needs of the Performing Arts industry in Australasia. The system offers a solution that not only addresses current replacement needs based upon current EP functionality but future proofs the solution needs through features and product maturity the EP replacement does not have.

Pronounced ‘panda-rix’, meaning Panda King, also offers other features making it easy to lock-down a system through security and access privilege levels. The system also comes with full audit trail capabilities ensuring integrity of your business processes and authorisation processes.

Because Pandarix has much of its system architecture and reporting capabilities based upon industry standards and commonly used industry tools. Pandarix makes it extremely easy to generate reports without the intervention of either a Council IT specialist or the vendor who may have sold you the initial system. Meaning, a team member can create ad-hoc reports, alter an existing report or run the existing report efficiently and with a real-time response. There is nothing more frustrating or as expensive as having either an IT specialist or vendor engaged to generate your reports.

Pandarix can be installed either as a cloud offering or in-house on your own servers. The flexibility is yours to imagine. Pandarix is easy to install, learn as well as hitting the right cost points.

If you are looking for a replacement system or just starting out on the path for a system to manage your event business Pandarix will have a solution that both fits the functional requirements as well as the budget. To learn more, contact Pandarix at info@pandarix.com for complete details of how to arrange a commitment free solution briefing.

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